Thursday night the first event of the PFL 2018 season kicked off from the Hulu Theater in NYC. Below are some selects. Hope ya dig. 

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Pro Fight League Portraits

I was recently in Orlando for our Pro Fight League  media week. We did our standard portraits and action shots, but then I also set up a couple Litepanels to do some secondary shots. Of course, one of the panels broke. Instead of scrapping the whole thing, instead we just shot with one panel. 

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University of Nebraska Spring Game Selects

The fine people at Hail Varsity had me come out to help cover the Nebraska Spring Game. They basically said, "Just do whatever you want, we trust you." It was the nicest thing anyone can say to me at an event. A big thank you to Nebraska for being so inviting. Go Big Red.

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Titan FC 49

Last night had the chance to shoot Titan FC 49 in Fort Lauderdale. Great show capped off with a crazy main event that had the crowd wild. 

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