PFL 9 - Long Beach, CA

Our second installment of the PFL Playoffs took place Saturday night in Long Beach, CA. We were very spoiled by some fantastic finishes to close the night by Magalhaes and O’Connell, as well as an epic battle between Schulte & Wade. Off to DC this week for the final round of playoffs before the finals in New York City on New Years Eve. A big thank you to all the fighters and everyone involved in making the show possible. I appreciate you.

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PFL 8 - New Orleans, LA

The PFL Playoffs are here. They kicked off in New Orleans with the featherweights and the heavyweights. Winning two fights in one evening gets you into the finals on New Years Eve. The energy that comes along with seeing someone fight twice in one night is something special. Here are my selects, hope ya dig.

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PFL 7 - Atlantic City, NJ

The end of the regular season was an amazing night of action. We returned to Atlantic City and gave everyone a show. Can't be more proud of what our team and these athletes did this season. Going to enjoy this September break and can't wait to start the 3 straight weeks of playoffs in October. Below are my selects from the evening. Hope you dig. 

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PFL 6 - Atlantic City, NJ

Our first of two visits to Atlantic City before the playoffs start in October. The city was wonderful, the fans were great, the fighters and camps as always were fantastic. Hope you enjoy. See you in 2 weeks!

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