Pro Fight League - Fight Night DC

Last week I headed out to Washington DC to shoot Fight Night DC, an annual charity event. Usually they have a boxing event, but this was the first year that MMA was to be featured. We had 4 fantastic fights, the Washington cheerleaders, and a concert featuring the Royal Machines. It was a wonderful evening and we helped raise a lot of money for the Fight For Children charity.

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This is Lisa. She was at Route 91 the evening of the shooting. I had no idea until the other day when she asked if I could take some photos of her. She said she wanted to remember this time. To know that she was still strong. That she made it. 

She came over and we didn't really have anything in mind. We talked. We laughed. She recounted what had happened that night. At times she broke down for a bit. I know how difficult it was for her, and I appreciate her trusting me to take these images. 

After we were done, she sat down on the floor for a minute and started to cry. 

I hugged her and let her know that she was here in this moment. There is no guidebook to how you are supposed to feel or how long you are supposed to hurt. 

But she will be ok. Because she's here.

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Kevin Kross v Tommy Dreamer - FSW 9/24

When I saw that my good friend Kevin Kross was facing off against someone I have watched since forever, Tommy Dreamer, I quadruple checked my calendar to make sure I would be in town. Luckily for me, the wife is in China and I'm home alone with the pup. The universe aligned and I got to shoot the #1 wrestling free agent in the world against the Innovator of Violence.

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