PFL 11 Selects from New York City

The PFL Championships went down last night in New York City at the Hulu Theatre in Madison Square Garden. A hard fought season came to a close as we crowned six champions with million dollar checks and a beautiful world title. Was a wonderful way to end 2018. Can’t wait for season 2. Enjoy.

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Nebraska vs Michigan St for Hail Varsity

Sadly the day has come. My last Husker game of the season. I was able to go to Michigan and Ohio St this year, but I think that this last weekend was my favorite. Yes it was freezing. Yes I was uncomfortable. But it was Senior Day, and the emotion in the stands and on the field was something special. The Huskers pulled off a fantastic win under tough conditions, and at the end of the game, there were smiles and there were tears. It was beautiful.

I’m so grateful to Chris Gorman and the Hail Varsity staff for allowing me to be a part of their team this season. Hopefully I can do it again next season. Thank you Nebraska. Go Big Red.

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Nebraska vs Ohio St for Hail Varsity

Made the trek out to Columbus, OH to shoot the Nebraska Cornhuskers for Hail Varsity as they took on the Ohio St. Buckeyes. Was a great game which saw Nebraska show everyone what the future holds. As this team matures, they are going to be a force to reckon with.

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PFL 10 - Washington DC

The final round of the PFL playoffs took place in Washington DC. Lots of emotion in this one. Ray Cooper earned himself a spot in the finals as well as cemented himself as a superstar in this sport. Louis Taylor went from the lowest of the low, believing he had lost his spot in the finals, to the highest of the highs when he was announced the victor over John Howard. All in all, an amazing season. Can’t wait for the Championships in New York City on New Year’s Eve.

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